Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Music For the Journey

No one takes a trip without packing some kind of music.
These are links to some of the songs that I’ve found really helpful or enjoyable along the journey.

This page will probably see some additions over time. This won’t be complete, but a nice start, which is really the case all the way around.

This is Doria’s funeral song, and a nice reminder that we’ll see her again.

Our family musician, Steven Curtis Chapman, recorded this in memory of the daughter he lost. It deals with the memories that he would have had if she lived:

A new favorite, by him again 🙂

This is a favorite from the early years of our marriage. It’s a simple story, and it might seem too simple, but the overall idea is good (and it’s really catchy):

Because I’m too stubborn to quit:

This one is a Gaither classic about the hope of the Resurrection:

I call this my funeral song, because I’ve written a rough draft of my funeral. If Becky and all don’t follow it, I don’t care. I’ll be enjoying things too much. The rough draft goes like this: “Sing this until you’re tired of it. Have a great time, because I will be.” (Yes, I apparently plan to troll after death, too!)
In fact, I’ll be singing something like this with Doria!

Just learned of this one when a good friend of ours sang it in church. It raised the question “How far am I willing to go surrendering to God?” It’s nice and sort of challenging.

This is a favorite song about believing in times of struggle and doubt:

This is the song Project 52 used in the video of 2012 tree plantings, which included Doria’s tree at Hilton Coliseum. It is all about God healing broken hearts, and the cry of the hurting person to God:


4 thoughts on “Music For the Journey

  1. Very meaningful songs.

  2. GrGrpa & GrGrma share with you.

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