Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Linking Some Ideas

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A couple of things came my way the last couple of days, one by Facebook and one by someone via e-mail. What they are are some neat, interesting ways to look at dealing with grief.


The first one involves a courageous story of hope of a husband, wife, and child who found that the mother had mesothelioma. She was given 18 months to live, and is still going strong 8 years later! This is their story and an approach to overcoming fear:

It’s a cool setup, and very open along the way.



The second is from the online magazine Still Standing. It addresses the mysteries of the grief journey, and those nagging doubts when we wonder if we’re doing it right or messing the whole thing up. While noting that there really isn’t a ready-made instruction manual for us to follow, which often makes us feel like we’re just out there flailing around or failing, it’s very reassuring:





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