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100 Days—Mom’s Point of View


100 days–Zoe’s Mom


Between our university and our church, we have been blessed to meet and get to know many Asian students. Because of this, I have heard about the celebration that is held when a baby is 100 days old. In Korea, they celebrate with food and prayer. In China, they celebrate with gifts. Both celebrations involve wishes and symbols for the child’s long life.  The celebration was originally held because so many infants died early either due to sickness or the tough climates.

I like the idea of celebrating first 100 hundred days of life, to look at the past and be amazed at how fast things can change.   Last year I didn’t want to celebrate anything. I just wanted to hide away with Erik and distract myself.  This year there is a lot to celebrate.  Zoe is getting bigger and we see new things every day. She is starting to not only grasp things but bring them to her mouth to chew on. We can watch her thinking how to get things done or seemingly work out how to get her toy to work the way she wants.  
These past 100 days have been a great mix of happiness and a few sad reflecting moments.  There used to be constant checking on Zoe as she slept, just to see her breathe. Now I only check once in awhile during longer naps. The joy of seeing her go from not demanding food to demanding to eat once an hour during growth spurts has been a great blessing.  
It is amazing how fast babies can change too. There were certain things that used to mean “feed me” that she doesn’t always use any more. Her face changes more often with smiles and smirks or thoughtfulness. She has baby fat now too.  She responds to her name, or at least peoples voices and looks for them.  
I’m not sure if we’ll do anything to celebrate, but I am thankful for the past 100 days and look forward to the challenges coming in the next 100. (Like teeth!)




4 thoughts on “100 Days—Mom’s Point of View

  1. I had never heard of the 100 Days celebration before. If I am blessed with a child to raise, I’ll have to remember that. It’s a lovely idea. 🙂

  2. How Fun! We mark 100 days of school each year and a baby’s life is so much more significant than that! Yay for beautiful Zoe!

  3. Happy 100 Days Zoe! I am Korean so I know this tradition well.

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