Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Thanksgiving Done Different


Since I honestly don’t remember if we did Thanksgiving last year or not, it was nice to do it this year. It’s less heartbreaking with all of that opportunity to work through life without Doria, and fun to see Zoe’s first Thanksgiving. It was a simple day, just us, Zoe, and a room filled with grandparents. Zoe never had a chance. She was surrounded and had a blast, or a nap. Those kind of alternated. 

Overall, though, it was nice to think about Thanksgiving while being thankful. That wasn’t the case last year. I tend to forget holidays, and I mostly forgot this one was coming up, even with a week away from classes. That was nice, because it’s normal. Ignoring holidays is what I do, and it’s good to have that back. It wasn’t an easy victory, but the ones that are worth it never are. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without obnoxiously cute Zoe pictures 🙂

Playing to start the day. Since she has no idea, Zoe’s just hanging out:



Thanksgiving Feasting with Grandpa:



Quizzing over the Christmas story:



The other Thanksgiving tradition. Zoe’s done:



It was a nice day. Nothing momentous except that we welcomed back the holiday and felt thankful for this little miracle. I’ll take it.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Done Different

  1. I’m glad to hear again that it gets better. I hope we can have a Thanksgiving more like yours next year.

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