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One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Approaching One Week….


Time is flying! At this point last week, I was assembling guesses from the various doctors and nurses as to when Zoe was coming. We were trying to pick the time. Nobody got it right, but the doctor was the closest at 1:30, since she arrived at 1:13 AM.

I’ve always been sort of nostalgic, but I’ve never been into things like “a one week anniversary.” I guess children can bring out that extra bit of nostalgic thinking. Today, we went and bought treats for a one-week birthday celebration in the early morning. Zoe feeds at 1, so she’ll eat, we’ll eat, she’ll fill a diaper, and we’re in business again. 

Overall, Becky used the best word when she called this surreal. Zoe actually happened. In our first night home, we either held her or set her in her pack and play. Either way, we made a bunch of checks to make sure she was still alive. She kept living! That part was nice.

With everything that happened, Zoe got off to a late start eating. A couple of appointments with the lactation consultants later (who also nicely want to make sure that she eats), Zoe is eating like crazy and gaining weight. Just yesterday, she discovered poop. It may sound odd, but that’s one of the best things I’ve seen. She’s not only eating enough, she’s processing it, and she’s on a roll. Zoe is exceeding every goal for poop that the doctors have, and she keeps eating. That’s a very nice thing. It’s a different experience to be that excited about poop, but that’s my world. If she keeps her current schedule, it should happen one more time before her one-week birthday. There’s a 30% chance that she’ll wake up for it, but a 90% that she’ll try to drag her foot through it. Apparently, things are different when they live! 🙂

One week later, this is different. I’m overwhelmed with requests for Zoe pictures, requests for Zoe time, people that want to help, or any of a billion other things. I guess people like babies. I get that. I’m addicted, and I sneak in all the Zoe time I can find. Just the other day, coming downstairs to read, I saw Zoe and figured “Get her first.” So, Kindle in one hand, Zoe in the other, I read about Native Americans, disease, and death. I decided not to read that part to her, but the picture was fun. One hand described natives twitching and dying from disease, while the other had a baby living and twitching away as happy as can be. Zoe really helps parts like that read more easily. She’s the comic comfort relief in the middle of that stuff.

Ohh, better wrap up. There’s that poopy sound!


2 thoughts on “Approaching One Week….

  1. I’m excited for poop with you:)

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