Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Walking and Winning


I moved at a casual whirlwind pace when it was real. One last feeding and we were going home! Most of the stuff was packed. They brought us a nice big cart to take it all out to the car, and we were almost ready.

I went out and brought in the car seat. I put Zoe in for the first time, and we both survived!

Then came the best part, a part I’ve dreamed about for a year now: the victory walk, when we would leave the unit with a baby instead of empty arms. Instead of pretending everything was OK in order to keep from ruining someone’s day, everything was OK. The whole family headed home.

It was everything I thought it would be. Dizzying, surreal, and just plain outstanding. The dream came true, and Zoe came home!

Praying and praise come really easy today. Thanks, Lord, for Zoe and all the craziness that’s about to happen. Her eyes are wide open as I type this. So sweet, Zoe. Let’s zelebrate!


13 thoughts on “Walking and Winning

  1. Zealous zoe!(:

  2. So happy & thrilled for you both. Praying for y’all/

  3. WOW!!!!
    into the computer already.

  4. So awesome:) what a fabulous walk that must have been and what a great fun journey you’be just begun!

  5. Amazing. I am so happy for you all, so happy my heart just about bursts. ❤

    Thank you for showing me the sunshine after the storm. I hope I can be in your shoes someday.

  6. Congrats! You and your Z words. I just had a vision of you meeting Zoe’s first boyfriend and saying, “Zo, you want to date my daughter?” And she rolls her eyes, “Daaaaaad!” I bet she’s going to get tired of the z words pretty fast, poor thing 🙂

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