Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

She made it!


There are two version to this story, so you get to pick and choose your own adventure here: The quick facts and the Zoe story.

The quick facts: Zoe made it! She put up a fight, but Zoe made it! 7 pounds and 21 inches of screaming, sleeping little joy. This actually happened. 

The Zoe version: She came in style, because there’s no other way for Zoe to do it. 

As an induced pregnancy, we had the NST monitors on all day, just like every trip to the office. Just like most of those trips, Zoe tried to get away. Twice she managed, and twice they tracked her down. Zoe made an impressive final effort to stay free in the cage she loved. 

Of course, this all meant that water breaking time would happen with that internal monitor, the one that hooks to Zoe’s head. Really, it’s a little hook that attached to her head. We all figured that Zoe had her chance to do this the easy way. This is how she wanted it. Zoe never did get away from her own head. As the doctor did it, we got to see a smoothly controlled release of fluid. That man is a maestro.

When we got to painkiller time, we had a little drama. Zoe stories don’t work without drama. Becky’s blood pressure went loopy for a couple minutes, so Zoe’s did, too. After some oxygen and something else, everything else was OK, unless you’re the mother shaking from all this treatment. That didn’t feel OK, but it got better by this morning.

But then came the big moment. Becky declared that it was time to push. All agreed, and we were off. Zoe came right to the edge, but wanted to pause. The doctor said, “You can actually touch her head right now.” I did it. When do you get a chance like that?” There was some delay, because nothing else would be acceptable, but Zoe kept marching forward. Well, it was a forced march, but she moved forward.

Then it got exciting! For the first time in anyone’s experience here on our care team, right when Zoe came out, her cord just snapped. Really, it just snapped right off. The doctor clamped it and moved Zoe to Becky’s arms at something near the speed of light, and our girl was here. She wasn’t happy about it, and started the screaming right away, but our Zoe was here. 

She lost a little blood in that, so she spent the night in the NICU under moderate care. We’ve had her a couple of times, and she’s already looking super. She began a little pale, and she isn’t anymore. Moments ago, the attending doctor just let us know that Zoe passed her last test over there, and she’s coming down the hall to join us for good. The doctor was very pleased that the snapping happened when Zoe exited and not before, since that could be a problem, and problem in our stories only means one thing.

Zoe came out in style. She milked every last ounce of drama from her own birth that she could, but she is here. Alive, healthy, crying, sleeping, peeing. All the good stuff.

Way to go, Zo! Welcome aboard! You gave us every scare you could so far. Here’s to a lifetime of drama and scares!


12 thoughts on “She made it!

  1. Wonderful! So extremely thankful that God held the cord on as long as needed. So thankful that you have your Zoe. We were praying! Many blessings to your little one!

  2. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy to hear the good news and that your Zoe is finally in your arms…alive & kicking. 🙂 Many hugs and best wishes on your new journey!!! 🙂

  3. We all feel better for you now, and for Doria who will have a little sister and wonderful parents to look forward to seeing one day; and prepare a place for; and all the rest. Now go and have a wonderful life…as I know you are anxious to do. God Bless you all!

  4. So incredibly happy for you!!!!!! For you all 🙂

  5. YAY! I think this is the best news of 2013:) I am so, so happy for you guys. I’m so glad God blessed you so quickly after He allowed you to be hurt. How welcome Zoe is into the world. I can’t wait to see her.

  6. I am so glad that she made it. You will both make awesome parents.

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