Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Sitting Here Waiting For the Rainbow


Here I am, sitting in the hospital room waiting. Becky just plowed through a battery of next steps for inducing Zoe, and all things are marching right along. By our best estimates, little Zoe is only a couple of hours away, or maybe 4, but not really longer. This part has almost reached the end. Finally.

We’re in the room right next to the room where Becky delivered Doria. I did a quiet double-take and then double-checked the photos from last year. Yup, right next door. So far, it’s been excellent. We both came in exhausted, because it’s impossible to really sleep with the anticipation. Right now, Becky is resting on the painkillers and Petocin. I’m quietly feeling wired, but with nothing to do but wait. 

We brought an assistant, Dr. Dori Bear. She stands ready to help:Image


They had the non-stress monitors on Zoe all day. She cooperated for most of it, but just can’t find it in her to avoid messing around with us on that test. We’ve had a couple surprises. Nothing major, and nothing really unsettling, but enough to know that this road will be just difficult enough to keep us from getting to cocky levels of comfort. We’re so glad, though, that it’s been pretty smooth.

As a nice change, nobody had to slyly wheel the baby’s first bed out. So we know where Zoe is taking her first nap:


OK. Back to waiting. This year, they told Becky that she can’t eat until it’s over. That’s a little awkward, since the staff makes sure that I eat, but I dig deep and find a way. It’s the least I can do. 🙂

Soon, Zoe. Zo soon.


2 thoughts on “Sitting Here Waiting For the Rainbow

  1. I can’t wait to read the word’s “she’s here” 🙂 Wishing Zoe and Becky the safest delivery!!

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