Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

One More Milestone


We passed a very important milestone this morning: the last visit to the doctor before Zoe makes her appearance. Since Zoe wore herself out beating us both up last night, she went in sleepy. That meant a nice steady result, and one more chance at buzzer glory. 

The NST tech said this time, “We just might have to let you do this one.” She gave Zoe chance after chance after chance, but our girl would not respond. That made it my time to shine!! I’m not supposed to say that she let me work the buzzer, so I won’t say it, but I’ll never forget it!

I won’t forget making it through the last appointment, either. It was a nice chat with our doctor, with all of us acknowledging that our next meeting would involve bringing Zoe into the world. This is it. No more checks. No more tests. Nothing left to do but go ahead and have a baby. So there we are.

I can say that I’m tired of the waiting. It really dawned on me this morning on my nerves were getting much more raw, so that was something to spend some time reading and praying over. Those are getting better, or I think they are since nothing has tested them yet. Frayed or not, I’m ready to stop waiting. I’ve given Zoe a list of dates and times that are most convenient for me. She knows what to do now. 

We’re there, right where parents want to be, and right where we go crazy. Zoe is alive. Zoe is healthy. Zoe just needs to arrive now. This is a beautiful and exhausting place to be. As far as possible, this is a dream come true.

Now, Zoe, about finishing this thing out………


6 thoughts on “One More Milestone

  1. Hooray! Josh is waiting for me to start the movie we got for tonight, but I had to just look quickly and see if Zoe had come yet. I literally cannot wait to see that good news appear. So soon! Can’t wait to see you, Zoe! Give a good, hearty cry when you come out!

  2. I am keeping all three of you in my prayers!

  3. So exciting! I woke up at 2 am in the middle of a prayer for Zoe. Apparently I was praying for her in my sleep. That is going to be one emotional moment when she lets out that first wail. I feel emotional just thinking about it. Savor every moment (like I have to remind you)

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