Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

It’s a Tie!

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When we set off on this journey with our rainbow girl Zoe, there was a date that I mentally marked out in advance. It’s a date that most parents really don’t observe, because it isn’t supposed to happen that way. It’s the day that Zoe ties her sister by reaching the same age when her sister died. Tomorrow is 36 weeks for little Zoe. The day Doria reached 36 weeks was the day that she died. It’s a very odd milestone.

It should be a day of mixed emotions. Obviously, there’s sadness there about Doria’s death. That sadness will be mixed with joy at her sister zoing strong.  I know how one story changed, and the other story is still being written. With the mix of emotions that will happen, there’s one thing that I know: Zoe is still going. Our hyper little girl is doing super. I know that her sister seemed to be at this time, too, but all signs are still good. 

I haven’t bothered to wear a tie to church for quite a while. We’re a fairly casual bunch. In honor of my two girls and their unique status, I’m wearing my favorite tie tomorrow. It’ll remind me that things are just ducky, and probably quack some people up. Here’s a picture:




Girls, your daddy loves both of you. Doria, I miss you like crazy. Zoe, I’m way proud of you for getting this far. I’m  a little annoyed by the shocks and surprises along the way, but I don’t really care. Let’s just finish this so we can get on to that sweet smell of victory!


One thought on “It’s a Tie!

  1. Your little plays on words cracked me up, thanks for the laughs when I needed some. I hope you are enjoying your day at church in your fabulous tie. I’m excited for Zoe to come out and be healthy! Hooray for 36 weeks, so close to done!

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