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Zoing Strong!


We had that weekly appointment again today, and Zoe was not wasting a moment.  None of this waking her up, or watching her resting heart rate, or watching as she moved away from the monitor to show us those dashed lines that can stop a parent’s heart. No games today. Zoe came out roaring and did not let up.  Well, she let up for a few seconds, but went right back to action when her mom and I offered the buzzer and made our little BUZZZZ chants.  (Yes, I do that. It’s my favorite sound.)

Since Zoe started so strong, I never got to make my weekly attempt to wake her up with the buzzer. For some reason, the tech won’t let me do it, but there’s a sub next week………

Then it got really good and very real. We had “the talk” again, that from this point forward, when labor happens, our girl is on the way. Zoe continues to measure a little early, so we bumped up next week’s growth check ultrasound, and we got to watch Zoe sleep wild on the screen! She wore herself out, which is cool.  

What we know, then, is that Zoe is on pace to beat her due date handily. She’s a solid 6+ pounds, has a strong little heart, and we watched her practice her breathing. Our girl is zoing strong. With a possible induction at 39 weeks, Zoe’s current estimate is 2.5-3 weeks before she comes out to meet us! That’s really exciting. This has gone much faster and smoother than we ever dreamed possible so far. Still no guarantees, but Zoe passes every check we throw at her. That little girl is strong and ready to roar.

The parts that made me most excited today:
1. We had the talk, and our baby is still alive.
2. We have a deadline of sorts. This thing is almost done. As a result, I’ve spent the time since leaving the doctor in obsessed daddy mode, slamming through a list of things that I’ve held off on doing.

Two times we’ve had the talk. After each one, things got very real. It’s safe to say that I prefer this way. Instead of that “walk of shame” feeling, I can be zealous for Zoe!

That was fun. Now, there’s a baby monitor I need to go figure out again…….


4 thoughts on “Zoing Strong!

  1. Yay! That is so exciting! I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see pictures of her and of you guys holding your baby that you get to keep on earth. I long to be in the place that you are in. Hopefully we will be in the near future. I also find it comforting that God gave you another girl. I want another boy so badly, but I’m afraid God will think I need it to be different the second time and so give us a girl. That would be okay as long as a boy follows. I just have that spot for a boy in my heart. But I’d love one of each. I think Zoe is a beautiful name and you guys are going to be great parents.

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