Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

What Numbers Taught Me


If you look up stuff about blogging, someone invariably mentions stats, and views, and the other numbers attached to these things. That makes sense, because everyone wants their writing to be read. Well, not everyone, but those of us who put it out here for public consumption sure do. This blog just hit 10,000 views. That number blows my mind, and it told me a few things, and some other numbers came along for the ride.

1. This blog really isn’t that easy to find. Some have found it on Google, many are people that I know, and there are other avenues people have used. Seeing that whatever # of people found it looked at things 10,000 times tells me that there’s a big need there. That’s a whole lot of people looking for others in their shoes, and working really hard to get here, there, or anywhere that might have people they can identify with. That makes sense to me, since I did that our first night in the hospital. That hurts, too, because it means something else……..

2. There are way too many dead babies and way too many parents like us. Pardon the frankness I used there. The other phrases I thought of just seemed to dance around it. That’s a whole lot of babies dying and parents living with empty hearts. I wish I could change that right now, because I would. There are a whole lot of us out here. 

3. There are a whole lot of us out here. Before Doria died, I knew that babies died. I didn’t know much about it, and to be blunt, I didn’t care because it wasn’t my problem. As a result of Doria’s death, I have gotten to experience this with a whole horde of great people. That covers people comforting and helping me, and people that I’ve gotten to help and comfort (they both fit 2 Corinthians 1:4 very nicely). There’s a real sense of community among parents who have lost children, and that’s a good effect of something terrible. It’s still awful, but I know that I’m not alone in this thing. It happens to a whole ton of people (and no, I didn’t weigh them).

4. This particular thing doesn’t pass by other parts of the world. The stats thing doesn’t go into individual addresses, and I wouldn’t want that. It  does list countries that viewers come from. Seeing that, at last count, people came here from 44 different countries tells me that the baby death angel is active all over the world. There isn’t a nation, people group, culture, or any other demographic that we put together that doesn’t experience the death of babies. It happens everywhere. That isn’t reassuring, but it speaks to a very common and painful human experience. (Referring to an old entry, thanks a lot, Adam.) Also, in an odd way, it brings us together. 

5. Encountering all of the different people through this provides a whole lot of people to think about and pray for. I pray for comfort for readers here a lot, because we all need a lot. I marvel at the amazing people that I’ve ‘met” as a result of this, and really want nothing but the best for every one of them. It’s hard to think of people that need it more. Sometimes you see things that clearly indicate that someone just joined the club, and that’s heartbreaking, but it leads to a prayer time for whoever that person might be.

6. The number one. We all seem to face extra struggle around our child’s first birthday. We think of everything that we did miss, are missing, will be missing, and all the pain that comes along. I expected that to be true, and people’s stories have been a solid heads-up for what is coming in the next 13 days. It won’t blunt the blow, but it’s nice to avoid one surprise, at least.

So, thanks for being part of an amazing and unwanted journey! It’s not over. Reality says that. It doesn’t have to be a defeat, either. Reality says that, too. I have some dreams for this thing to try and add extra help for the next wave of people who join our sorry club. If even half of that stuff happens, it’ll be really cool.

Prayers for all, and great expectations!



2 thoughts on “What Numbers Taught Me

  1. Thanks for the prayers and I will pray for you guys too.

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