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One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Totally Random Stuff

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All I have here are a bunch of random things that have bounced around over the last couple of days, with a couple of neat posts yet on the way.

1. I stumbled into a website last week through the Des Moines Register about the popularity of baby names. Not surprisingly, Doria never cracked the top 1000 at any point since they started recording these things. A little less surprisingly, apparently there has never been anyone named Doria born alive in Iowa. The statistical probability of an uncommon event with an unused name has to be really high.

2. Tomorrow, we hear Zoe’s heartbeat again. That will be a real highlight to a very nice week.

3. Did more people-related stuff the past few days than most of the past 9 months, and it was a great time. It’s nice to see that sort of thing happen again.

4. Our departmental hero contacted our basketball coach. He says that he’ll try to get me in there, as the score dictates. I’m considering that a verbal contract. That means it’s time to practice 🙂

5. For the first time, a movie is coming out about the stillbirth experience. Looks like some pretty well-known names in there, even Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2. Make sure to sign up for seeing this when it comes out. It sounds like they worked hard to show the after effects of stillbirth on both the mother and father, and their journey to rainbow recovery. (That’s how it happens in the movie, anyway.)  A video about the movie is here:

6. My math is rough, because I haven’t checked it against the calendar. If I’m right, Becky has been pregnant for 60 of the last (roughly) 72 weeks. She’s been my hero for quite a while, but that’s an amazing amount of work and determination. Hopefully, Zoe is early and healthy to spare some of the work.

I wanted to throw those random thoughts around. It’s been 9 months tonight since Doria’s funeral. I’m really happy about the peacefulness of the day, for everything that it could have been. So far, so good. That seems like a good time to call the day a win and go to sleep.


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