Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

8 months

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Eight months ago this afternoon, we heard this sound when the doctor worked the Doppler wand………………















Way too quiet, it was. Today was a very peaceful day, really, outside of the nasty wind and rain mixture we had going. 

So, instead of any sort of graveside memorial, or finally getting our decorations set up, we observed quietly with a candle inside our apartment. In that nice way that life does just grind along, I led a class today about Fascists and Stalinist industrialization, then I read about Nazis and the Klan. That is how I roll in my nerdy little world, and how life relentlessly rolls right along.

A nice day to commemorate a terrible occasion. I’ve worn all the pink that I could justify today. I wish that we could have done something grave related. It seems like it would have been appropriate, but the weather was not going to cooperate with that. Even when everything stopped for us that day, at least in terms of Doria’s life, the world keeps moving right along. At least I’m learning to move along with it. That’s so much better than the other option.


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