Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Life on an Elevator

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Way back when, my friends and I used to play a role-playing game that involved all kinds of different genres (TORG-for people who would want to know). My guy was an oldish, nerdy history professor, and a friend was an Old Englishy barbarian. That was the core of the team, and it worked. During one adventure, we somehow worked our way into some technology advanced place. To clear space, or limit opponents, or something, we herded people into this elevator and sent them moving along their way.

Recapping for our other teammates, my friend’s character explained what happened by saying “We put them in the box. They went up, then down.” Instead of translating, my guy went with it. That pretty much summed up the encounter, and it pretty much sums up life right now. Things go up, things go down. Sometimes, the box is stalled, and you just can’t move it. You always know that a trip to the top floor means that you’re going back down. You just don’t know when, or exactly why.

This was a pretty good week. Very productive, a couple of very energetic days that I’m not giving back. A couple of days with spontaneous naps that I never saw coming. I’m not a napper, but I caught myself waking up and my wife caught me snoring while I meant to read. Great. Good reading doesn’t involve snoring. I always know that.

Today was like that. I woke up late, and barely, and stomped my way downstairs. Then I got ready to run our errands, including the big one we’ve been waiting for: Doria’s grave marker was being installed this morning!! We ran errand #1, hadn’t heard yet, so I threw a nice little fit in the car. It was impressive. I don’t record what happens in the car for a reason.

Becky suggested that we just drop in at the cemetery (because we do that now), and we pulled in just in time to see our day’s hero finishing things off. We had a nice quick little chat with him, and then we got to spend time at Doria’s grave looking at the actual marker. It’s nice, because it spruces up the neighborhood and makes it real. It’s horrible, because it’s very visible, and makes it very real. I caught a moment I’m not used to having. My wife prayed quickly, thanking God for Doria and the gift that she is, and I caught myself thinking “and let’s go ahead and have the next one live, shall we.” That’s not my normal prayer life. I’m not real pleased to admit that one, much less know it happened, but there it was.

We ran my library errand, then went to our first option for lunch. The line was too long, and they only had one guy working (felt bad for him), so we went to option #2. Too grumpy to wait around today. I just didn’t want to be trifled with. With lunch in hand, I settled in for a long afternoon of silent grumpiness. Thankfully, some of the stuff I read was good, and there was some decent football. That kept me to a steady, angry grumpy stage instead of a real stomp around, it’s good I don’t have a dog sort of angry. 

Then we went for a football game. I honestly wasn’t really looking forward to anything, but we wanted to keep one of our normal habits going. As the game started, our guys were allergic to catching, which is a great time for a grumpy guy. Then we shifted to a more dominant mode and cleaned house. Watching that was, unexpectedly, a nice emotional rise. I told amazingly stupid jokes in the cold for hours at that point. That was fun. 

So the day wraps up at a nice quiet even with an early start to the work tomorrow. Should be up, should be down, but the machine keeps rolling along. 


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