Remembering Doria

One Father's Journey after the Death of his Daughter

Double Delivery Day

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Today was a wonderful day of coincidentally corresponding events. When we planned today as the day to plant Doria’s tree at Hilton Coliseum, I completely missed that it would be the two month mark from the day she was delivered. So, today we get to celebrate the only day we got to hold our daughter by planting a tree to remember her.

Both events were surprises to us. We really didn’t realize that a stillbirth was possible. We really didn’t know about Project 52 and this great work that they do. I didn’t know anything about it until I got back to my desk and saw a flyer that our lifesaver/secretary left there. It was a great surprise after class that I never saw coming!

Both of them have some effects that last forever. Doria’s delivery brought sweet relief that the labor process was over and gave us a chance to spend some time holding our little girl before she was gone. Today’s tree planting was something to look forward to for the last few weeks. The weather was cold, gloomy, and rainy, an ugly sort of fall day here in Iowa. The tree is beautiful, and it’s given us something that we can look at every day that reminds us of Doria:


We have wonderful pictures of both events. I got a picture of Doria as soon as the nurse set her down. Doria’s second picture looks almost like a science fiction special, but that one’s ours. We spent a lot of time that afternoon taking pictures and crying with people in our hospital room. Today, we have plenty of neat pictures of our Doria Tree. We got to spend some quality time with our family, our church family, and our history family in the rain. As someone said, “With the rain, nobody can tell if they’re tears or raindrops.” Of course, we spent less time, because we were all cold.

Both deliveries led to some nice peaceful evenings. After Doria’s delivery, after pictures, after dinner, after filling out the Certificate of Fetal Death (yes, they have the father fill that out. Great!), Becky and I spent some quality time as a family of three watching movies. We played a DVD of our favorite America’s Got Talent winner, Terry Fator. He’s a ventriloquist that does impressions of famous singers. We fell in love with that guy and his act. We just sat there, smiling and crying while we watched our guy. Here’s a clip:

Tonight, we had a nice dinner, and we’re off to a nice relaxing evening at home. Sure, everything isn’t all better, but it’s a peaceful night. We got to remember Doria and spend time with great people. I suspect that there’s a movie in the offing tonight.

We may not be able to save Doria, but you can be darn sure that we’ll avenge her. Or at least watch some people on a DVD avenge New York City.


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